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4834 E 1st St.
Tucson, AZ 85711
Contact: Bill White
Master's Degree in Mental Health (M.A.)
Two-Year Mediation Certification
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The free consultation usually begins during your initial contact via phone or e-mail. Bill will get some basics of information up front and decide what is next to finish the consultation. 

The basic idea is to assess if we’re a good match, and for you to get your questions answered. We may meet in person, skype, or finish the consultation via phone. Bill allots up to 30 minutes of free time—whether that be time via phone or e-mail, or in person. 

The consultation is not a place to vent all your concerns and complaints. Most people have an initial need to get some things off their chest, and there is time for that in our sessions. The consultation is about gathering some facts and answering questions.

If we find we need more time than 30 minutes to discover if we’re a good match, Bill charges a reduced rate of $1 a minute for the extra time. Sometimes we may need an extra 30 minutes to an hour. 

Towards the end of the consultation, Bill will explain how sessions work and the fee structure. Because Bill’s work is unique and his results are quicker than most, he only gives information about his fees once he understands your situation and once you have gotten a sense of his unique style and skills. If you compare professionals primarily based on fees—not results and skills—you may not make a choice that works for your situation.

All interactions in the consultation are strictly confidential.

If all goes well and we are ready to continue, we will schedule an appointment. sometimes an initial individual session is needed and makes the couple’s work go smoother. That will be assessed as well. Also, if everyone agrees, we may just continue immediately from the consultation into the first session. Often once you’ve started the process, it feels right to just get right to it.

Disclaimer, primarily for couples: Although quick and dramatic results are common, some situations require more time. For a better explanation of what one can expect and not expect, and to assess what situations might require more time, click on the link to read the document. 

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