Proven Couples Coaching

Expert Couples Coaching

Relationship challenges? Who doesn’t have them!? Make it easier on yourself. Enlist the assistance of an expert to:
  • Dissolve anger and resentment
  • Eliminate arguments and fighting
  • Restore broken trust
  • Heal emotional distancing
  • Face conflict instead of avoiding
  • Learn to relate on an emotional level
  • Restore trust, play, and friendship 

Quick and Dramatic Results Are Common - Unique and Innovative Approaches

  • In person or anywhere in the world via phone / Skype
  • Length of sessions is open ended vs limited to typical 50 minutes
  • Weekend and evening sessions are available
  • Scheduling sessions is on an as-needed basis. Mostly short-term.
  • All romantic and sexual orientations are welcome
Disclaimer: Although quick and dramatic results are common, some situations require more time. For a better explanation of what one can expect and not expect, and to assess what situations might require more time,read here.  

Bill's Style

  • Personable and down-to-earth. 
  • Compassionate. Bill has 45 years working on himself. 
  • Intuitive. Practical, yet listens to Source/God for guidance.
  • Sense of humor and playful nature.
  • Great listener, but also intervenes to guide missteps.
  • Passionate about healing and growth. His intention is to have you out of your emotional distress on the day you come in.

As a Couple, Coaching Will Have You:

  • Clear up conflict and emotional upsets—sometimes rather quickly.
  • Learn how to practically eliminate unkind and disrespectful interactions.
  • Become an artful listener and communicator.
  • Trust your partner without reservation.
  • Generate a partner around whom it is safe to be yourself, and with whom you are supported in being your best self.
  • Discover if the person you're presently with is the right person for you.
  • Be more masterful in relationships than most everyone you know, and more masterful than some professionals in this field.
  • Learn exactly why your anger and emotional upsets happen and how to recover your good feelings.
  • Rather quickly, discover the hidden influences of emotional pain from childhood on your life and your relationship. As a result, emotions soften and the compassion for yourself and for the other increases.
  • Help you uncover core beliefs and strategies you created during childhood.
  • See clearly how you and your partner’s childhood have become entangled, and then get it untangled.
  • Learn alternative ways of relating to prevent or diminish future upsets.
  • Accept conflict and upset feelings as a natural part of a love relationship, and use conflict as a jumping off place to grow, laugh, play, and connect more intimately.
  • Discover how to enhance your sexual passion.
  • Go home with specific, step-by-step approaches for dissolving difficult emotions and untangling conflict.
  • Become a role model of vibrant, healthy relationships for adults and for children.

 The World Is Flat and Relationships Are Easy!

Oops! Sorry, wrong planet. Relationships are extremely complex. As wonderful as a relationship can be, it can be equally distressing. Humans have figured out very complex technologies like airplanes and computers, but they are still struggling with relationships. The truth is that most people don’t have a clue how to have love work.

Hiring an expert to be your guide can help you avoid painful and costly trial-and-error, improve your communication skills, and make the journey to the love of your dreams much smoother. If you don’t do something to get out ahead of the train and lay a new track, the chances of you having a happy and healthy relationship are not good. Those chances are much, much less than 50-50. Half of marriages end, but what about couples that stay together and are not happy (arguments and/or emotional distancing and boredom)? And what about all those unmarried relationships that come and go? What about those that look happy on the outside but aren’t really working well at all? Good relationships are probably quite uncommon.

Do you want a communicative relationship with the ability to talk about anything with kindness and respect?

Based on a quarter of a century of work, Bill White has created a new model for healthy relationships. This model was inspired by his personal experiences - a difficult childhood, being clueless about relationships, and a profound spiritual awakening at age 27.

Bill’s model is a finely tuned guide for compassionately resolving emotional upsets. You will find solutions to relationship challenges that stump most relationship experts. And you will experience a renewal of love, trust, play, and friendship.

Why not hire a highly skilled mentor to help you successfully deal with the relationship complexities? Do you really want to struggle to do this on your own? Of course not. Be good to yourself. With Bill on your side, the process is much easier.

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“This is by far the best professional help I’ve ever had. I had no idea my husband and I could actually get to a place of resolution in the first session [4 hr].  
Who knew that this thing could be improved so quickly and painlessly?” 

 C & J, Tucson 
“I speak for both of us, you are a very gifted person and have an incredible 
talent of uncovering the underlying issues and challenges—untangling years
 of internal/external struggles.” 

 N & P, Tucson

“You have an obvious gift of insight and intuition that is delightful.” 
CT, Tucson
“Our sessions with Bill were extraordinary in part because my partner has been
a marriage therapist for 30 years. I have also had extensive training in communication 
and conflict resolution. We go to Bill when we can’t figure ourselves out. 
We are impressed with Bill's ability. “ 

 L & R, Tucson
“Thank God we found you. I have no words to express my gratefulness. 
I have been to as many as 6 psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors 
for my depression. I have gotten no help. My husband and I went to 
a therapist and got no help. You are a true professional.”

 A & E, Tucson
“Couples can overcome their difficulties if they recognize first that much of their disappointment, frustration, and anger stems not from a basic incompatibility, but from unfortunate misunderstandings that result from faulty communications and biased interpretations of each other’s behavior”
Aaron Beck, Ph.D.
“Love is Never Enough” 
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