Family and Individual

Skilled Guidance for Life Challenges 

Skilled Assistance for Any Relationship

  • Adult child / parent issues? Adult sibling problems?
  • Family with children? Blended families? Families split by divorce?
  • Work relationships? Toxic, impossible, or abusive co-workers or bosses?
  • Problems with close friends?
When our relationships are not good, our lives don’t feel good. Most people try to navigate these relationship challenges by themselves, or with outside friends or family members who aren’t skilled enough to really help, or they suffer for years until finally going to see a professional is the last resort. Take the road less traveled and enlist the support of an expert to navigate these challenging situations successfully. If you don’t, you may have a lifetime of trouble, much of which could have been effectively addressed.

Bill White will:
  • Provide a safe environment where things that can’t be easily said on your own can now be said and explored respectfully 
  • Assist you in clearing the air about things that have been upsetting
  • Set the stage so you operate with one another with kindness and respect as a base
  • Guide you in establishing a foundation where your relationship is more supportive and enjoyable over time

When one or more people involved are reluctant to use a professional:
There are good reasons for the reluctance and poor reasons. Bill has written an article THE TRUTH ABOUT COUPLES COUNSELING/COACHING that explores the pros and cons. The article applies to other relationships. See more info on the Articles Page

Compassionate Support for Personal Issues  

Life presents us with a myriad of personal and relationship challenges. Sometimes we are just overwhelmed and confused. Wouldn’t it be nice to bounce some of these things off a person who truly listens as you explore yourself and who can say the right things at the right times? 
  • Do you have relationship issues of any type when the others involved don’t want to participate in getting outside support?
  • Are you struggling in certain areas of your life?
  • Is your life and your feelings not making sense?
  • Would you like assistance in walking through emotional upsets and distress?
Let’s have a FREE consultation to see if my unique style and approaches are what you’re looking for.

Unique and Innovative Approaches

  • Length of sessions is open-ended vs limited to typical 50 minutes
  • Weekend and evening sessions are available
  • All romantic and sexual orientations are welcome
  • In person or anywhere in the world via phone / Skype
  • Scheduling sessions is on an as-needed basis. Mostly short-term

Bill's Way of Working

  • Compassionate. Bill has 45 years working on himself
  • Personable and down-to-earth
  • Great listener, but also intervenes to guide missteps
  • Intuitive. Practical, yet listens to Source / God for guidance
  • Sense of humor and playful nature
  • Passionate about healing and growth. His intention is to have you out of your emotional distress on the day you come in
Call now
for a FREE consultation.
"Yesterday was amazing. I felt pretty drained after our session last night, but I could not get to sleep because I was so wound up with the realization of my anger and how it went back to a fear of being vulnerable. I have been out of my mind trying to figure out why I have to be so angry with my mother in law. Now I feel that anger gone. It's gone! She came over this morning and I had no anxiety. We had a wonderful discussion about what was uncovered in our session."
Mrs. C B, Durango, CO
Divorce with young children: 
"When my wife informed me that she was not happy and wants a divorce, I decided to continue seeing Bill on a regular basis. Part of me didn’t think I needed to, but a part of me knew I did. I didn’t want the divorce at all, and this was hard for me. 

As I’ve gone through the few months of the changes—which included how to make this work for our young children—I have come to be surprisingly at peace about it all. I’ve navigated the difficult places well. Without the counseling, I would not have understood why our relationship didn’t work and why it would have never worked. I have, instead of resenting my former wife, just accepted her as she is—plusses and minuses—and not put so much energy on wishing she was different.

I have also clearly seen the part I played in this relationship not working. I see that if I hadn’t had counseling, any new relationship would have had similar issues.”

Mr. MT, Tucson

“I was in a desperate way when I came in. The session was enlightening—especially the things you helped me see about my childhood and family. Whatever you did, it has put a lot of peace in me.” 

 Mrs. IS, Tucson
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