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Bill’s Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling did not prepare him for dealing with toxic people. 

We’re talking about not only the obvious toxic people who lie, use, abuse, dominate, and dictate, we’re also talking about the wolves in sheep’s clothing. These are the seeming wonderful people who behind the scenes are conniving, manipulating, using, lying, denying, controlling, and they seriously undermine your sense of value and sanity. 

Do You Know How to Identify Them? 

If you can’t recognize them, you are in for some big trouble in life. You have no idea how much suffering and distress Bill White can save you from. Some important things you may not know:
  • Some people are just difficult (most of us), and some people are impossible (not worth your time and life energy)
  • Toxic people represent possibly 5-10% of the population and maybe cause 95% of the damage to humans
  • Truly toxic people are those you want to be able to identify and then keep at a distance 
  • Countless toxic people are tricksters—you never see them coming until it’s too late
  • Toxic people can be fully-functioning members of society, are found in every walk of life, and are often held in high esteem
  • Toxic people have some very good qualities and traits, but that doesn’t make them people to develop a relationship with
  • These are emotionally and psychologically wounded people who may never heal and grow in this lifetime
  • Do not think that it’s mostly men who are toxic

Insightful Services Offered

  • How to identify who is difficult and who is impossible
  • How to put people to the test to discover if they are going to change or not
  • How to reduce your chances of getting blindsided
  • How to end or distance yourself from the relationship without losing an arm and a leg 
  • What are the steps those with very difficult personality styles must take in order to be serious about making changes and becoming healthier
  • Assistance for those in the helping professions to help you identify toxic people

Key Pieces of the Book Bill Is Writing

  • The One Key Trait That Indicates If You Are Impossible or Just Difficult
  • YIKES! I’m in a Relationship with a Toxic Person…What Do I Do Now?
  • How to Change Your Difficult Personality
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I am eternally grateful for the light you shed about my husband’s self-focused, crazymaking, manipulative, and blaming behavior. It saved my life. if you are in a situation where confusion rules your mind and someone's style of interaction leaves you having no idea what to do or think, I recommend you spend time with Bill.                               
D. H., Canada
“You are ahead of your time. 25 years of being in the dark. A few calls with you nailed it for me. All along I thought I was crazy. It was crazy people making me crazy.” 

M. D., Tucson

The divorce was final just the other day. I look back and remember how I felt 2 years ago and how I expected to feel on the day of the divorce...and it's completely opposite. I feel AT PEACE. I now have a legal document that will protect me from his bullying.
You are amazing and I thank you so much for being there for me. My new chapter is beginning and I am so excited!” 

A.E, Tucson
“I have worked for years as a therapist and LCSW. I have read and studied a lot about toxic relationships and what I really liked about your work is you are coming from a place of not berating the toxic individual or behaviors. I think most people at one time or another have operated from a space that was not so healthy or was toxic. I like how you humanize, and not condemn, toxicity, but you don't beat around the bush about the negative outcomes.” 
J. K., Texas
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