Crucial Dating & Pre-Marital Insights

Guidance in Smart Dating

If you’re open to enlisting assistance from an expert for the dating process, you’re already doing something smart. Most people will go it alone and come to see me later when things aren’t working out.
  • How do you avoid good starts, bad endings?
  • Do you want an advantage in generating a happy, long-lasting relationship?
  • Have you identified what you must have in a partner?
  • Do you know what the basic requirements for a strong relationship are?
  • How do you identify early-on the people who are going to be extremely difficult?
  • Do you know your true motivations for being in this relationship?

Common Pitfalls in Dating

  • Confusing lust and having a fun time together with true compatibility
  • Not knowing the red flags to watch for
  • Not having a clear short list of non-negotiables
  • Not recognizing the signs of the dangerous and toxic ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’
  • Thinking that your next relationship will be conflict-free
  • Thinking that you or the other person has to change to be accepted
  • Putting your best foot forward and hiding the other foot
  • Going solely by your feelings and not giving conscious thought to the relationship process
  • Not understanding what part you played in the downfall of your previous relationships

Consult with Healthy Couples to:

  1. Guide your selection process
  2. Assess the person you're presently with
  3. Design a framework for a lasting relationship
  4. Learn and practice skills for facing and dissolving conflict

Pre-marital Assessment and Designing a Relationship Framework

If you’re about to make a deeper commitment to a person, whether to formally marry or move in together, wouldn’t you like to know ahead of time if you’re making a good choice? 
Wouldn’t you like to know what you need to put in place to give your relationship a strong chance that is will continue to be healthy and happy?
You have put too much into this relationship and you have too much to lose to not give thought to the crucial qualities needed for a strong and lasting relationship. 
Don’t leave this important relationship to chance. Let Bill White provide you with key insights so you keep the love you’ve found. 

Unique and Innovative Approaches

  • In person or anywhere in the world via phone / Skype
  • Length of sessions is open ended vs limited to typical 50 minutes
  • Weekend and evening sessions are available
  • Scheduling sessions is on an as-needed basis. Mostly short-term.
  • All romantic and sexual orientations are welcome

Bill's Style

  • Personable and down-to-earth. 
  • Compassionate. Bill has 45 years working on himself. 
  • Intuitive. Practical, yet listens to Source/God for guidance.
  • Sense of humor and playful nature.
  • Great listener, but also intervenes to guide missteps.
  • Passionate about healing and growth.

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"My coaching experience with Bill was great! Without it, there would have been much more suffering in the dating process. It's also good to know I have someone to turn to if I'm feeling a loss of power, or feeling stuck."
Ms. B.B.
San Diego

"It has been great to have someone to air out ideas with and to provide objective feedback. I've recently developed a new relationship that has more of the fun and fulfilling qualities I have been searching for. Keep doing this great work."
Mr. W.K.
"People often spend up to 500 hours planning the wedding, and almost no time figuring out how to make a marriage … and the most elegant wedding in the world would become a useless ornament if the couple is not truly prepared for what they’re going to face. The event is nice and it’s memorable, but it has no impact on what’s ahead."
Robert and Bobbie Woglemuth, 

"I thank you for challenging me to establish a list of non-negotiables, to stop compromising myself into unworkable relationships. You are very good at cutting through all those self-defeating barriers I have erected and leaving me with a more optimistic outlook."
Mr. H.C.
"As we looked at my relationship history, I had the opportunity to get an overall picture of how relationships were for me in the past. I felt a great sense of accomplishment in seeing who I am now and feeling freed from having to be that way again.

Ms. B. N.
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